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AC - Voyager Lightweight Car Covers

AC - Voyager Lightweight Car Covers

Product ref: AC - Voyager

Price: €99.00

Voyager Lightweight Car Cover to fit your AC

Voyager lightweight, water resistant car cover for indoor and outdoor use. These covers are light yet very strong. Often used on daily driven vehicles where overnight protection is required. Features double stitching for strength, non-scratch latest generation material in a silver colour and is elasticated front and rear.

The fabric is 100% UV resistant and protects against rain, frost, snow, birds, tree sap, sunlight, dirt & dust. Supplied in a strong zipped storage bag, this cover takes up very little space and can be tucked away in the boot when not in use. Sturdy detachable underbody straps are provided, so however stormy the weather, you know your car is secure & protected from the elements.

This car cover will be tailor made to order for your AC model. It is not a universal cover as offered elsewhere, it is perfectly fitted! As this cover is made to order, delivery time will be between 2-3 weeks.

Breathable fabric to allow moisture and damp to escape
Double stitched seams for strength and long life
Underbody securing straps with soft silicone fastener covers
Elasticated front and rear hems for a snug fit
100% Ultra violet resistant fabric to prevent paint fade
Lightweight water resistant fabric
Good compressibility, takes minimal storage space
Separate zipped storage bag

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