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Stormforce Car Covers
We are pleased to present the ultimate storage solution for your vehicle. Our new range of Stormforce protection covers for your car are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

These car covers are manufactured using the latest technology in protective materials, combining a fabric that is both breathable and strong..
Welded seams and strong, elasticated hems means maximum, long lasting preservation of your paintwork, chrome and hood. The Stormforce car cover is made up of four layers, composed of a strong, hard wearing outer layer, padded layer, one way water resistant membrane, and a soft, protective inner layer.
It is best suited for long term outdoor storage. It will allow damp/moisture to escape, protect from rain, dust, tree sap, UV paint fade and unwanted attention. In hot climates, the cover will help to keep the car interior cool, if exposed to direct sunlight.
Composed of a synthetic, non-woven material, no fluff deposits will be left of your paintwork or soft-top. This cover is supplied in a zipped storage bag, to be tucked away when not in use. Underbody straps are provided with soft silicon slips over the fasteners.
We provide a 1 year warranty on Stormforce car covers.

Cover Application Chart
Sahara Voyager Monsoon Stormforce
Dust & Dirt
Rain & Moisture
Ice & Snow

Paint Fade
Cats & Pets
Heat & Sunlight
Tree Sap
Paint Care
Knocks & Scratches