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Car Cover Advice

Choosing a Car Cover

A good quality car cover should seriously be considered if you store your vehicle outside for any extended period of time. The cover serves to protect your car from not only the elements, but UV rays, dust, dirt, people and animals passing by.

A car cover should most importantly be breathable - they are not intended to be waterproof. If damp/moisture become trapped on your car, it will only mean trouble for your paintwork, and staining for your chrome or soft-top. The perfect cover is designed to dry out quickly after rain leaving minimal spotting on the bodywork.

General Care

Your car should be clean before it is stored long term under any cover. Dirt left on the car will become trapped between the cover and your paintwork acting as an abrasive with any wind movement. These effects are reduced with a fitted cover since there is less excess material to move around. Elasticated hems and additional strapping will not only prevent your cover from blowing away, they also help to keep the cover snug around your car, decreasing the chance of any movement.

Fitting Instructions

Car Covers Ireland strongly recommend that the user read the Care and fitting instructions carefully. The instruction sheet is included in the storage carrier.

Double Stitched Seams

Elasticated Hems

Underbody Straps